Our Story

Who is Eazie Peazie Naturals? 

Eazie Peazie Naturals is a Georgia based company that believes in the power of nature and what it can do for the human body, both inside and out. Eazie Peazie Naturals came out of need for my skin issues. I was suffering from a mild form of Eczema that was directly affecting the inside of my arms, my stomach, and my neck. After going to the dermatologist and getting prescribed special and costly lotions, I found an alternative route. For myself, I made the Honey and Oats soap which is now the "Oats, my Honey" soap. I also made Shea butter body butter, which is now the "Shea and Coconut Whipped Body Butter."  Once I started seeing results with my skin I no longer used the lotions that the dermatologist recommended for me to use. I was so pleased with my results that we started selling to family and friends on December 2015 at a Holiday Party that was held at my home. Word spread about the results that they were getting from these products, and we decided to spread the love and started selling at a local farmers market here in Georgia in 2016. 

Now we are 3 years strong and moving forward to expanding the brand and spreading more natural love to the lovely people of the world. We didn't want to keep the things that was working for me a secret. I hope that you enjoy your products just as much as we love making them and bringing joy and happiness to you. There is nothing better than feeling good, and why not accomplish these things naturally? We look forward to sending you your new natural products and thank you again for supporting Eazie Peazie Naturals. 


*Disclaimer: I am not a scientist or an MD, these ingredients and products that we have created have helped our situation but it may not help everyone. I am not claiming that these products are cure all's or a substitution for what your dermatologist or MD has prescribed you. Use at your own disposal!