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Customer Review: Karen from Atlanta, GA

I am in love with Eazie Peazie Naturals Shea and Coconut Whipped Body Butter. My feet are very dry, especially in the winter. The Body Butter is the only thing that has kept me soft and smooth. I have also tried several of the soaps and my favorite is the Oats, My Honey! Thanks for the wonderful products.

Customer Review: Thelma from California

Eazie Peazie Naturals a very good brand. I really love the Sweet Orange Lotion Bar, The Shea Butter and Castile Body Wash works wonders on your body. I would definitely recommend this product to others. The Sweet Orange Lotion Bar I loved it so much I purchased more for Christmas gifts.

Customer Review: Ashley from Anderson, SC

I love the True Charcoal Soap!!! I bought it because my mom recommended it after it healed a scar on her face (she's diabetic). It's one of the best puchases I've made hands down. It keeps my acne at bay and even if I get a little blemish it goes away rather quickly. Keeps my skin soft and doesn't dry it out like some other soaps. Definitely a staple of mine.

Customer Review: Michael from S. Carolina

The thickness of the soap lather allowed me to exfoliate without damaging or breaking the skin, and it also moisturized well.

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